Blackboard Mass Notification Library Templates


  • Pre-made templates for school message, date reminder, and newsletter.
  • District-wide templates are available for Mass Notification users, under the MSBSD category.
  • Templates are available for the Principal and Staff roles. Teachers will use Teacher Messaging.

Accessing the Templates:

  1. Messages>Library>School Messages then choose your school

  1. There are three pre-made templates:
  1. Date Reminder: Simple email reminder for an event.

  1. Message: Set for a basic phone message, text message, and an email template with merge tags.

  1. Newsletter: Simple Email to deliver Newsletter.


Using a template:

  1. Messages>Send>Saved Messages, open your school’s Templates and choose one of the messages. District Messages will be under MSBSD.
  2. You’ll see the message in the content window. Click on the Copy button to customize this message.
  3. Customize the message as you would normally send any message. Don’t forget to:
    1. Edit the Title
    2. Choose Recipients
    3. Edit any content in the message for this specific instance. i.e. Dates, Titles,
    4. Add any attachments, particularly for the newsletter template.
    5. Remember, for the Message template you’ll have 3 delivery methods, if you aren’t using one just click the X in the top right corner to remove that method.  See pic below.


Editing or adding a template:


  1. Messages>Library>School Messages then choose your school and choose the message you want to edit.
  2. Click the Copy button.  You’ll now have a duplicate of the original message.

  1. Make any changes and rename the message so the two messages will be different.
  2. Click Save and you’ll see the new message in the list.
  3. Since we created the original you’ll have to ask us to delete that one for you. Enter a Service Request and make sure to let us know the exact name of the template you want us to delete. You will be able to edit/delete any templates you create.


  1. Messages>Library>School Messages then choose your school
  2. Click Add Message.

  1. Create the message as if you were creating a message to send.
  2. The template will now be available for all Principals and Staff to use.

If this did not solve your problem, click the Request Service button below to work with a technician.

Request Service: Other Software Issues


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