Outlook DataCove Access


How to access the districts permanent archived email system.

Step 1: Log in

  • Data Cove is synchronized AD, please use your network credentials to sign in.
  • You can use this website from any internet browser anywhere. You do not need to be within the district to access DataCove.

Step 2: Searching within DataCove

  • Some recommended search fields will populate in the Query terms automatically. You can remove them individually, if you do not intend to use them, simply by clicking the red “X” on the far right.
  • Remember to always use full email addresses (not just first and last name) when using the “Email To” or “Email From” search fields.
  • Reference the “Help” section (in the top right corner, next to “Logout”) if you need further search suggestions.

Step 3: Moving email from DataCove to Outlook

  • Email cannot be deleted from DataCove. It will always be stored here.
  • To send the email to your Outlook for use after locating the item, select the item (either by clicking on it to open it, or by checking the box to the left) and then click “Forward” on the top right of DataCove.
  • Note: you can also Export, Print, or Print to PDF if needed.