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Site homepages are organized in regions. Below you will find the region map; each region houses apps you place in them. This document will show you how to manage each of the regions/apps.

APP REHomepage RegionsGIONS

Sign into the site and click on the site manager tab to open site manager. Click on the Overview Page. There you will see the app regions shown here:

Apps placed into region A, B & G will display the CSS of the region  (fonts, colors, etc). If you move the apps from those regions whenever we republish the site they will move back to their original spot.

Managing Apps:

  1. Region A: Multimedia Rotator
    1. Photo Dimensions: 1500X915 Pixels
    2. Each school may choose to use their own custom School Multimedia Rotator app, if you are not using yours it is placed at the very end of region G and the MSBSD Multimedia Rotator app is displayed. This way there will be content displayed.
    3. If you want to use your own app just move it from Region G to Region A and delete the MSBSD app (or move it to the bottom of G if you may want to use it later).
    4. This app is a wizard, just fill in the required fields, make sure Activate is checked and Save.
  2. Region B: Upcoming Events
    1. Upcoming Events feed directly from your schoolwires calendar – no editing necessary.
  3. Regions C,D,E,F &: Content Apps: You can choose what content you want in these areas. Generally:
    1. C will be a welcome app and will be 2/3 of the page wide
    2. D & E will be half as wide as C. If you want everything to be wider, just add more apps under C and don’t use D & E.
    3. F will fill in the other 1/3 of the page on the right. Generally site shortcuts and contacts.
    4. When editing these apps choose to show the app name to get the school colored stripe to show.
  4. Region G: Headlines
    1. Photo Dimensions: 265X265 Pixels
    2. These are meant for highlighting students/events/etc. The app is a wizard, so just fill out the required information and save.
    3. Keep the Title and Teaser short. Put the content in the Headline Body
    4. You can set the Start and End Date if you want the headline to drop off automatically.

NEED HELP WITH YOUR ROTATOR AND HEADLINE IMAGES? Image cropping for Multimedia Rotator and Headlines - doesn't seem to work on IE so use Chrome

THE ITEMS BELOW ARE MANAGED BY MSBSDWEBMASTER, Use the Request Service Button to enter a ticket for these items.
  • School name
  • Tagline
  • Logo - an image with dimensions that are square or a circle are best.
  • Colors - provide the 6 digit hex color(s)
  • Address, Phone, Fax, Email in footer
  • Megamenu changes

If this did not solve your problem, click the Request Service button below to work with a technician.

Request Service: Other Software Issues


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