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Site Managers are responsible for maintaining an updated staff directory.This article will help you:
  • Add New Staff to the school Staff Directory
  • Edit/Delete Staff on the school Staff Directory
  • Notes on the photo directory

Add Staff to Directory:

There are two steps to managing a new staff member

  1. Add Section for new staff member:
    1. Navigate to the TEACHER PAGES channel
      1. If staff is transferring in check if their section has already been transferred to you (it would be at the bottom of the list).
      2. If their section needs transferred request the move using the service request button at the top right. Include both the old and new school of the staff member.
    2. Add new staff member's section. You can use the Teacher Configuration.
    3. Open section and on the Editors and Viewers tab assign editing privileges to the staff member.
    4. Open section and click the Actions drop down to the right of the Overview or home page
      1. Choose Get Link and copy the Full Web Address for the next step. Don’t accidentally copy something else and lose this URL before you need it, we suggest pasting somewhere for use later.
  2. Add record into the Staff Directory:
    1. Navigate to Staff Channel>Directory.
      1. Choose the page and the app you are using. You may be using an Overview (list) or Photo directory. Schools have chosen this at the site level. 
      2. You should now see all the staff records.
      3. Click the New Staff Button at the top of the page. Enter relevant data.
        • Overview Directory - fill out fields: Firstname, LastName, Email, Position, Section URL.
        • Photo Directory - fill out fields your school uses. Photos need to be uploaded to the “XXX” STAFF IMAGES folder in the section’s files and folders. Click More>Get Link to get the photo URL once uploaded.
        • Paste the URL you copied earlier into the Section URL field. This will make the staff member's name a link to their homepage.

Edit or Delete Staff Member

IMPORTANT: Be sure you delete the directory record and NOT their actual section/pages under TEACHER PAGES.
  1. Navigate to the Staff Channel in the Site Manager, Click on Directory and open the Staff Directory
    1. TO EDIT RECORD: Choose the edit button for the desired staff member, edit the desired field and Save.
    2. TO DELETE: Choose the delete button for the desired staff member. You will be asked to confirm.

School Staff Directory Photo App:

If you are using the Photo Directory App this is how you will update using an import file:

  1. You won’t purge this directory. On your export you’ll see a System ID, this will match the records up to prevent duplication. New records you add won’t have a System ID until you upload and the system assigns one.
  2. Click on Import, browse to the desktop and choose the file you updated. The wizard will ask you to map field mappings. Be sure to map the System ID so you don’t get duplicates. Map any other fields that you updated.

If this did not solve your problem, click the Request Service button below to work with a technician.

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