District Printer & Copier Support


MSBSD printers/copiers fall into one of two categories: those which are managed and maintained by the District and those which are not. Devices not managed and maintained by the District must be supplied and supported via school/site funds. Any printers/copiers not included in the programs listed below will still be supported by the IT department, as long as the devices align to District network printer standards.

Covered printers/copiers are listed at www.matsuk12.us/printers

NOTE: You must login with your network credentials to access this information, as it’s only available to District employees.


MSBSD’s Program Categories:

  • Managed Printers/Copiers
    • Workroom & Office Printer/Copier Machines (Managed Services)
      • Xerox
      • Konica Minolta
  • Non-Managed Printers
    • Desktop Network Printers (HP, etc.)

Managed Printers:

These programs provide supplies, break/fix support and maintenance. The support process for these printers/copiers are outlined at www.matsuk12.us/printers.


Non-Managed Printer/Copier Repair Options:

  • Xerox or Konica Minolta Devices do not apply to this option.
  • Before contacting vendors, please contact IT Support staff. Only contact the vendor for repair if IT Staff have determined repair is needed.
    • If your printer is not under our Managed Support Program and IT Support Staff are not able to resolve the problem, Valley Business Machine (MUNIS vendor #101722) offers support for Laser Printers only at a cost of $135/hour (1hr. Min) + a $15 Service Fee. They can be reached at 907-376-5077.



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