Konica Minolta Secure Printing


Konic-Minolta Secure Printing is a two-part process
  • Part 1: setting the job to print securely
  • Part 2: getting the job at the printer/copier

Note: The secure print User ID is case sensitive.

Part 1: setting the job to print securely:

  1. From Printer Properties you can get to SECURE PRINT
  2. Select the Tab titled BASIC

  3. OUTPUT METHOD, select drop down menu option Secure Print

  4. Enter your Network ID (Case Sensitive) and a 5-digit numeric Password. Click OK, then Print
    1. Note: Must have 5-digit password, it will fail to print but will not give an error if you have less than 5 digits.

Part 2: getting the job at the printer/copier

Go to the Konica-Minolta Copier and find your Secure Print Job following these steps.​​​​​​​

  1. At the Copier Console click Menu > User Box>System >Secure Print
  2. Touch/Click the title “User”
  3. Enter your user Network ID in the field “Document ID” (note this is case sensitive)
  4. Touch/click on the screen name “Password:” and enter your numeric password (minimum 5 digits)
  5. A list of your personal secure print jobs will appear. Touch/click the document, and then click Print.
    1. The secure print job is then cleared when printed (it doesn’t stay on Copier).

NOTE: If any users leaves a Secure Print job in the secure print Queue past 7 days it will auto clear.


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