Blackboard COPE


COPE- Create Once, Publish Everywhere. Use COPE to write your message once & send via any combination of the following delivery options. Phone messages, emails, mobile site, website, any RSS feeds, or social networks. This how-to is broken up into 3 parts.

  • Setup and Connections
  • Sending Messages
  • What the end user sees

Setup and Connections

   Requires assistance from Call Center.

Ensure that all users who will be sending the Blackboard message have permissions on the website (WCM) and have completed this step that allows users to toggle between Schoolwires & Blackboard Messaging

  1. Log into Blackboard from the Employee Quick Links. Use your regular network credentials.  Click on the waffle at the top right and choose Bb Website.

  1. Enter your network credentials to authenticate to your website. Click "Sign In and Connect."

  1. Click "Continue to Web Community Manager" (Schoolwires). Now you’ll see the waffle in both programs and you can toggle between them easily.


Other setup steps

  • Provide us with your facebook page URL. For full functionality, we will need to enter admin log in credentials for the page.
  • Set-up Announcement App on school homepage. We can assist with this.

Sending Messages

   Guide to send messages via all delivery methods.

  1. Create basic content in Template which will populate all of the other delivery options, so you don’t have to start from scratch for each.

  1. Phone, email, sms:  Complete normally.
  1. Mobile App: If you want the message to appear for only recipients identified for this message, check "Recipients only". If you want the message to appear for anyone subscribed to your school, leave the box unchecked.

  1. FB: Complete the FB message content. If you have multiple FB pages you’ll be able to choose which to post to.

  1. Website: Add content and choose the Announcement App you want to post on. You’ll only see apps from schools you have access to in the Web Community Manager (WCM). If you post to an Announcement App it displays the Message Content only. Note: You can access this record from WCM later to inactivate it and use other announcement functionality.

  1. On-Screen Alert: Choose the school you want the pop up to occur on. You’ll only see schools you have access to in WCM. Note: You can access this alert from WCM to inactivate it and use other alert functionality.

What the end user sees

   See screen shots of what the end user will see on their mobile devices.

  1. Mobile App: User will get a notification on their home screen and within the app. They can set their notification banner as they desire. Notifications will remain in the list until the user deletes them.

  1. FB: Shows up just like you posted in FB itself.

  1. Website: Lists in the announcements section, wherever you have placed it on your home page.

  1. On-Screen Alert: A users first visit to your site will prompt a pop-up that they must acknowledge.


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