Blackboard Message Tracking


This KB will guide you in tracking messages sent from Blackboard.

Generate Report:

  1. Choose parameters and generate report. Generally just date range.
  2. Click on the message you want to track.
  3. Notice the Export button at the bottom. Many of these screens allow you to export the results to your email or desktop.


Track Results:

  1. Click on any colored segment of the images to drill down and get more information. It shows total deliveries and is broken down by delivery method.
  2. Notice the Mobile/Web access link at the bottom; those are deliveries to users who have subscribed to your school on the mobile app.

  3. I clicked on the blue "Not Delivered" segment of the graph and I can see the status of each undelivered message. You can click on view/print/listen to see what the parent would see.


Export to Excel:

  1. Remember you can export results to a spreadsheet from most screens. This allows you to manipulate the data easily.

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