Blackboard Message Send Tips


Tips that should help Mass Notification users sending messages. You can also visit the Blackboard Help site for info on Creating and Sending Messages.

NOTE: Staff Role is CEA members, Teacher Role is MSEA members – you must pick both to get the info out to all.

NOTE: If you are limited to sending to only 10 recipients you can:
  • If you are a school administrator go to your Account Settings (click on "Account" at the top right), scroll to the bottom and uncheck "Limit message sending to 10 or fewer recipients and no groups".
  • If you are a staff member you can ask your administrator (Principal/Admin Sec) to uncheck the same box for you. They can search for you in the Account Search box, open your accounnt and then uncheck the box.


  1. Adding manual recipients who aren't in your school recipient list:
    1. refer to KB "Blackboard Import a .txt file with contacts
  1. Finding the right Recipient Tips: Type in the Recipient box and it will filter and suggest as you type. It separates results based on role and groups, i.e. Parents/Students/Staff/Teachers/Groups.

  1. Type in bus and under groups you’ll see a drop down list of buses.
  2. Or type the number and get just that bus. Notice the 11th Grade student group that is there as well.
  3. Looking for all football groups? Type foot and go to groups.
  1. SMS Messages: Texts will not display a sender so you need to include your school name or initials in the text body, so that users will know which school it comes from.
  1. Community Messenger: Include community members who have signed up for your school at
    1. Open School Name and click on Community Member
    2. Select all names in Community Member list by choosing select
    3. Select individuals by clicking on their name.
  1. Saved Messages:

    1. Miscellaneous Messages are messages sent in the past. 
    2. School Library Templates are created for you. See the Blackboard Mass Notification Library Templates KB for more on using/editing these.
    3. Transportation has a Late bus notice for phone/sms/mobile app push notification. If you want to connect this to an announcement app on your homepage or your school’s Facebook account select Request Service for assistance from a technician.
    4. If you can delete these you’ll see a trash can at the right.
  1. Advanced Options:

    1. Do not un-check the Deliver to Parents of Students box. All messages addressed to students should also be delivered to parents.
    2. By default the email delivery name will be that of the specific sender. You can choose to use the school’s generic email so the email will be easily recognizable for the recipient.
  1. COPE: Use COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) to write your message once & send via any combination of the following delivery options. Phone messages, emails, mobile site, website, any RSS feeds, or social networks. See COPE KB for more info.

If this did not solve your problem, click the Request Service button below to work with a technician.

Request Service: Other Software Issues


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