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This KB article will guide Mass Notification users through the most helpful reports available in the system.
  • Reports are available by role, you may not have access to all reports. There are additional reports that need no instructions and are not addressed here.
  • User data (email/phone/addresses, school assignment, permission role) come from our systems of record and will be imported nightly. Manual changes will not stick.

Account Reports:

   Includes Parent, Staff and Student Contact Information Reports.

Data Reports

   Includes Bad Phone/Email Report and Do Not Contact Reports.

  1. Bad Phone/Email Report - Use this report to see the number of accounts that have inaccurate phone numbers or email addresses. This report:
    1. allows you to better correct any issues when parents, students, or community members are not receiving communication from their district or school
    2. features carrier integration which automatically disables phone numbers that have been deactivated. The Bad Phone/Email report includes the numbers that have been deactivated.
    3. will be delivered to the school generic email weekly as an excel file. Use the report within the system for more interactive information.
    4. will display the recipient, the role, the bad information, a possible new number for the user, the date the account was flagged, the date the carrier deactivated the number, the known good contact information for the user, and the status of the flagged information. Status levels can include Invalid address format, Deactivated by carrier, or Flagged after failed delivery attempt.
    5. Delivery Status Level Icons and Descriptions:

  1. Do Not Contact Report - The Do Not Contact report not only provides the ability to list all the numbers and emails that have opted out of contact with your district or school, this section also:
    1.  allows you to list who not to contact.
    2. You can create a Do Not Contact list that contains phone numbers and email addresses that should not be contacted (for example, 911).
    3. Any messages you send will not be sent to the members on the list.

Message Reports:

   Includes Contact, Excused Absences, Message Tracking, Message Utilization and Teacher Messaging Reports.

  1. Contact Report - Use the Contact Report to see specific people that were contacted, how they were contacted, what the message was regarding, and who sent the message. This report will populate the message information an hour after the message expired.
    1. The report will display the recipient name, the reason for the message, student identification and grade level, message status, date and time of the delivery, how the message was sent, a link to view or hear the message, and the name of the sender.
  1. Excused Absences Report - Use the Excused Absences report to see the excused absences, the date of the absence, date of the excuse, and the phone number called regarding the absence.
    1. The report will display the message recipient, the reason for the message, the school name, the date of the absence, the excuse for the absence, the date and time the absence what reported, and how the absence was sent.
  1. Message Tracking Report - Use the Message Tracking report to see the details of all the messages that have been sent through each school. From this report you can view when the messages were sent, who received the messages, plus you can cancel or resend messages.
    1. The report will display a link to the message, the delivery methods used to send the message, the abbreviation of the school that sent the message, the start time for the message delivery, the current message status, the total number of recipients, and the delivery progress.
    2. You can also drill down to see more info about the message
  1. Message Utilization Report - Use the Message Utilization report to see the breakdown of messages by category. This report provides you with a better understanding of the types of messages being sent from the school and school district.
    1. The report will display the chart based on the types of messages that have been sent during the time frame. Under the bar chart, the report will also display the breakdown of message types by school, number of messages, and contacts with those message types.
  1. Teacher Messaging Report- Use the Teacher Messaging report to see a breakdown of messages sent by teachers. The report displays the breakdowns of message types and the number of students and parents contacted. For district administrators, this report will allow you to drill down into the school details. For all administrators, the school report will allow you to drill down into the individual teacher details.
    1. The report will display the pie charts of the messages sent by the teachers in the different message categories. The messaging details will include the school, total messages, total students, total teachers, and percentages of messages per student and messages be teacher.
    2. You can also drill down to see the same info for a specific teacher

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