Outlook Adding and Sharing Calendars


Staff can share their Outlook Exchange calendar with other MSBSD staff. This allows the other user to view your calendar events and more, depending on the level of permissions you allow.
It is recommended only to share your own calendar. Resource Calendars have owners who can select which options they want people to see. There should be no reason to “Share” any calendars other than your own.
This document is split into two parts.
  • Adding a calendar
  • Sharing your Calendar

Adding a Calendar

  1. Open Outlook, in the lower left corner, select “Calendar” or the Calendar icon

  2. From the ribbon, select “Open Calendar” then from the drop down select “From Address Book”

  3. Find the calendar that you want to add, double click it to add it to the “Calendar” line at the bottom of the list, then click OK to add it to your calendars.
    Note: You can add room calendars (also known as resources), and other people’s calendars as well. You are limited to the information that you can see on that calendar by that calendars settings.

  4. You should now see the Calendar in your Calendars list. You can organize your calendars as well by creating Calendar groups.
    1. Right click on the already existing group “My Calendars” then select “New Calendar Group”.
    2. You can then create a name for the group.
    3. To add calendars to the group simply click and drag them where you want them.


Sharing your Calendar

  1. In Outlook, open your calendar. From the ribbon at the top, select “Share Calendar”.

  2. A sharing invitation opens, similar to sending an email. Select the person who you are sharing the calendar with, and then from the “Details” drop down select the preferences you would like that person to be able to see about your calendar events.
    1. Availability Only – Time will be shown as “Free,” “Busy,” “Tentative,” “Working Elsewhere,” or “Out of Office”
    2. Limited Details – Includes the availability and subjects of calendar items only.
    3. Full Details – Includes the availability and full details of calendar items.
    4. Click “Send” to send the sharing invitation.


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