Outlook: Adding Mailbox and Granting Permission


Staff can grant permission to allow other MSBSD staff to view/read/manage their Outlook Exchange mailbox. Access depends on the level of permissions you assign. This document is split into two parts and must be done in order.
  • Granting Permissions (done by mailbox owner) NOTE: two layers to grant permissions , Mailbox name and Inbox
  • Adding the Mailbox (done by other staff member)


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Part 1: Granting Permission

Granting Mailbox Permissions

Note: This must be done by the mailbox owner before Adding the Mailbox. Generic School mailbox (i.e., PHS@matsuk12.us) owners will be the Admin Secretary and Principal. 

  1. In your Outlook on the left menu sidebar, locate the E-Mail Account that you would like to share access to.NOTE: Will require 2 parts to grant permissions. 1) is the Mailbox object name (WMS)  and 2) the (INBOX)
  2. Right Click on the E-Mail Account Name and Select: Data File Properties…

  3. In the dialog box that opens, Click on the Permissions Tab then Click the Add button

  4. In the dialog box that opens, Find the User you are going to add/grant access to and click on their name, Click on Add and then Click Ok

  5. Make sure the Name of the User you just added is Highlighted
  6. Check the boxes next to the Permissions Levels you would like to grant. The example shows the following:
    1. Read: Full Details
    2. Delete Items: Own
    3. Write: Create Items
    4. Create Subfolders
    5. Edit Own
    6. Other: Folder Owner
    7. Folder Contact
    8. Folder Visible
  7. Click: Apply then Click Ok

  8. On the left menu sidebar locate the desired Account, Right Click the Inbox and Select Properties…

  9. Repeat Steps 2-4
  10. You have now successfully granted access to your e-mail account to your selected user.
The process is not complete until the user completes the instructions outlined in PART 2.

Part 2: Adding the Mailbox

Adding an Additional Mailbox in Outlook

  1. Click on File> Account Settings> Account Settings

  2. On the E-Mail Tab: Double Click on your E-Mail Account Name (jane.doe@matsuk12.us)

  3. On Change Account dialog box be sure Use Cached Exchange Mode is unchecked, then click Next and Finish (if you receive a notice reading Outlook must restart Click Ok and proceed to step 4).

  4. In the Change Account Dialogue box that opened in step 3, Click More Settings

  5. Click on the Advanced Tab and then: Add…

  6. Type in the name of the mailbox (School Site Acronym: i.e. CHS) and click: OK

  7. A Check Names box opens: Use the scroll to find the name of the desired inbox, Select the name, and then click: OK and OK again

  8. After all dialog boxes have been closed, Go to your Outlook and on the left sidebar you should now see the e-mail account mailbox that you just added (i.e. WMS)


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