Outlook Applying Rules


Rules can automatically sort mail, set up Out Of Office replies, and much more. For example you can use Rules to automatically move messages received from a colleague to corresponding folder.
  1. Click the “Home” tab.

  2. In the “Move” group, click “Rules”

  3. Click “Manage Rules & Alerts,” the e-mail rules box will appear.


  4. Click “New Rule,” the “Rules Wizard” box will appear.

  5. Highlight an option of how you want Outlook to handle an email process, and then click “Next”.


  6. In the rules wizard box, under “Step 1: Select Condition(s)” choose which conditions you would like to apply and click their corresponding checkboxes.

  7. Under “Step 2: Edit the rule description,” click an underlined value. Follow the on-screen instructions for whatever condition you clicked (this step varies for each condition).
  9. When you have finished editing the rule description, click “Next”.
  11. In the next screen, choose which actions you would like Outlook to perform when it meets the criteria of the conditions that you chose in steps 5-6 (such as which folder you would like to move the email to). BE SURE TO HAVE DESIRED ‘SPECIFIED FOLDER’ CREATED IN ADVANCE!
  13. Edit the rule description as explained in step 6, then click “Next”.
  15. Refer to steps 5-9 for the exceptions screen, as the process is very similar, then click “Next”.
  17. Type an original and identifiable name for your rule in the “Specify a name for this rule” box.
  19. Check the boxes in the “Step 2: Setup rule options” as needed, the click “Finish”.