PassKey User Guide


Passkey is a single sign on feature of the SchoolWires Website that allows users to manage web log‐in credentials. Once a user stores their credentials in PassKey, they will be able to navigate to websites without entering their username and password each visit.

With some PassKey logins there are special instructions regarding whether or not you should log‐off at the end of your browsing session. These instructions are at the end of the Title of the PassKey (i.e. iCue (log‐off at the end of session) ‐ indicates that you should use iCue’s Log‐Off button before closing the session of iCue).

Setting up PassKeys:

  1. Sign into the MSBSD Website using your Network Login Credentials (i.e. ab012345)
  2. At the top left choose the PassKey icon.
  3. Choose Add New
  4. A list of available PassKeys will populate. Choose one (or more) and click on: Add PassKeys
  5. You'll now see the PassKey icon you added, in your list of PassKeys.
  6. The first time you set up your PassKey you will need to enter your login credentials for the account Click: Login
  7. From now on when you open PassKey and click on that account, you will be logged in automatically

Password Change/Update:

If you change a password to a PassKey Account you need to update your PassKey.

  1. Sign into the MSBSD Website using your Network Login Credentials (i.e. ab012345)
  2. Click: My Account > Edit Account Settings
  3. Click: PassKey Accounts and you will see a list of your PassKey Accounts
    1. To Add a new PassKey Click: Add Passkey Account
    2. To update a password click: Edit
    3. To Delete a PassKey Click: Remove

If this did not solve your problem, click the Request Service button below to work with a technician.

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