Mandated Training


  • All District mandated trainings (including Blood Borne Pathogens, Discrimination, and Child Abuse) are administered and tracked through Safe Schools.
  • Employees are assigned mandated trainings through Safe Schools and upon logging in, are able to see their assigned trainings. Additional trainings may be required for certain employee groups and will be assigned as needed.


  1. Open the Safe Schools website using Google Chrome (https://matsuk12- or MSBSD website > Employee Quick Links > Safe Schools). Enter your Active Directory username and password (the credentials used to sign into your work computer). Click “Sign-In.”

  2. Any mandated trainings required for your position will display on your personal homepage along with the due date, estimated length of the training in minutes, and the status. Active Directory credentials display in the top right-hand corner.

  3. Select the first training to complete by clicking on it.

  4. A disclaimer will appear prior to the training beginning. Please read the disclaimer carefully then click “Accept”.

  5. The course homepage will load. All items required in the training will display in a list on the right-hand side of the page. Select the first item in the list to begin the training.

  6. The training program will begin automatically. The presentation is recorded for your listening and available for your reading. Please follow along as you complete the training.

  7. When the first training item is complete, you will return automatically to the course homepage. The first item shows as complete. Select the next item and continue through the training, repeating these steps until all sections are complete.

  8. After all sections are complete, click on “Quiz.”

  9. Quiz questions will display. Answer the questions to the best of your ability by selecting the box next to the right answer. If necessary, you can re-watch the training videos. After answering each question, a box will display indicating if your answer was correct or incorrect:

  10. After answering all questions, your score will display. Click “Continue.”

  11. You will return to the course homepage. You may print a Certificate of Completion for your supervisor (based on his/her preference) or your own records but are not required to.

  12. To return to the list of your mandated trainings, click “Home” in the top left-hand corner.

  13. Your mandated trainings will display again and any completed courses will show as completed. Repeat steps 4 through 14 to complete all mandated trainings.

  14. To see your training history, click on your Active Directory credential in the top right-hand corner and select “Training History.” All completed trainings will display here. To sign out, click on your Active Directory credential in the top right-hand corner and select “Sign Out.”


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