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MSBSD Website > Employee Quick Links > ShareSuccess
  • ShareSuccess is MSBSDs employee intranet. Here staff can join role-based discussions in Communities and receive updates on Department-specific sites. 
  • ShareSuccess is rights-based. If you do not have access to view a page, you will not be able to.


  1. Navigate to ShareSuccess via this website: or through the MSBSD Employee Quick Links > ShareSuccess.
  2. ShareSuccess is part of Office 365; if you are prompted to log in, the username is your District email address and the password is your AD Password.
  3. The Employee Portal (ShareSuccess home page) looks similar to this:

  4. The links across the top are globaland appear on every site. They take you to the Communities homepage, the Departments homepage, Forms, or back to the MSBSD Employee Portal.

  5. The left-hand links change, depending on what page you are on in ShareSuccess. On the Employee Portal, the left-hand links allow you to access Teacher Quick Links, the Feedback Survey, Branding Elements, and more. On other pages, the left-hand links may take you to different communities or departments, discussion boards, etc.

  6. Community pages are available for staff who span multiple locations but perform the same job function (such as Nurses, Principals, and Admin Secretaries) or who are part of an Administrative team (such as Cabinet or BOLT). Communities are accessed through the Communitiespage. You will only see the Communities to which you have access.

  7. The information available on each Community varies, depending on the needs of the employee group. However, it often includes a timeline and corresponding task list, a document library, discussion boards, important links, and agendas.

  8. Department sites allow department staff to share information, announcements, etc. with staff District-Wide.

  9. The information available on each Department varies to meet the communication needs of the department staff. It may include announcements, contact information, a document library, links to programs or projects, and more.

  10. Because ShareSuccess is part of Office 365, it integrates with other Office 365 programs, such as Delve, which aggregates relevant content for you to view. In the top right-hand corner of ShareSuccess, is your name. Click on your name then select About Meto access Delve.

  11. Your Delve homepage loads. For more information about Delve, refer to KnowledgeBase document number 5200: Profile Page.

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