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Follow these instructions to use the Aesop/Absence Management Mobile Web Program!
  • If you have an iPhone, you can add the Aesop sign-in page to your phone’s home screen as an icon!
  • See the “Aesop Campus User Mobile Web User Guide” document for more information about using the mobile web site.
  • Remember, Absence Management is the new name for Aesop.


  1. Open the Aesop mobile page by using the QR Code or typing the above URL into your mobile device’s web browser.

  2. Log into the site using your ID and PIN (your ID is your telephone number; your PIN is your 5-digit employee ID number).

  3. Depending on your role in the Mat-Su Borough School District, your homepage will vary:
    1. From the Employee homepage, employees can easily:
      1. View upcoming absences
      2. Check their leave balances
      3. Create an absence
      4. Review notifications and web alerts.

    2. From the Campus User homepage, campus users can easily:
      1. Check unfilled and filled jobs
      2. Search for an employee’s upcoming vacancy
      3. Approve absences
      4. Review web alerts

    3. From the Substitute homepage, substitutes can easily:
      1. View available jobs
      2. Accept or Reject available jobs
      3. View their scheduled jobs
      4. View past jobs
      5. Review notifications

If you are using an iPhone 5:

  1. You must turn on the option to “Allow Cookies” from Visited Sites on your phone, under Settings > Safari.

  2. Next, turn on JavaScript.

  3. Return to your phone’s main screen. You should be able to access Aesop Mobile.

If this did not solve your problem, click the Request Service button below to work with a technician.

Request Service: Other Software Issues


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