Developing a Section 504 Accomodation Plan

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Following are step-by-step instructions for developing an appropriate Section 504 Plan:
  • Download the full Section 504 LRP Webinar at bottom right.


  1. Assemble the Section 504 placement team.

    The Section 504 placement decision must be made by a group of persons who are knowledgeable of the child, the meaning of the evaluation data, and the various placement options. A team “knowledgeable of the student” includes teachers, parents, the student (when appropriate), the evaluation team members, and other personnel as necessary.

  2. Provide identifying information.

    Indicate the student’s name and identification number, school name, date of birth, and grade placement.

  3. Identify the disability.

    Indicate the disability identified on the Notice of Section 504 Eligibility.

  4. Identify school, classroom, and testing accommodations.

    The evaluation data collected by the Section 504 Team must be tailored to assess specific areas of educational need. Describe accommodations for the identified needs that will provide the student with an equal opportunity to benefit from regular classroom instruction.
    Regarding modifications or alternative assessments for state testing: Indicate state testing modifications or alternative assessments on the 504 Plan. Remember the guiding principle that only those accommodations that have been routinely used in the student’s day-to-day instructional program—generally for a period of at least 90 days—should be considered as modifications or alternative assessment for testing.

  5. Team Signatures.

    Signatures document required participation. Only those Team members present at the placement meeting should sign the Section 504 Accommodation Plan.

    Indicate the date the placement meeting was conducted.

    Each person signing the 504 Plan should indicate his or her title. Anyone disagreeing with the majority decision should write an explanation of why he or she disagrees. The statement of disagreement should be attached to and maintained with the 504 Plan.

  6. Indicate the plan type.

    Indicate whether the 504 Plan is (1) an initial plan, (2) an annual review, (3) a plan based on reevaluation, or (4) a plan amendment—i.e., a plan amending the initial plan that is not a change of placement. Next to “LRE” (least restrictive environment) indicate where accommodations are provided—in the regular classroom or in another location.

    Regarding “least restrictive environment” (LRE): The District must educate students with disabilities with nondisabled students “to the maximum extent appropriate.” Students with disabilities should be removed from the general educational program in the regular classroom only when it is determined that educating them in the general environment with the use of formalized classroom modifications, supplementary aids, and/or services cannot be achieved satisfactorily.

  7. Distribute copies.

    At the conclusion of the 504 Plan meeting, give copies of the 504 Accommodation Plan to parents and teachers. Also ensure that a copy is placed in the student’s 504 file with the student’s other eligibility documentation, in the student’s cum file (original, signed document), and that a copy is sent to Student Support Services at the District’s Central Administrative Offices. In addition, provide the parents with a “Notice of Section 504 Rights” and obtain the parents’ signatures and date. The parental signatures document the parents’ participation in the development of the 504 Plan and their receipt of the Notice.


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