CrisisGo Downloading and Logging In


CrisisGo is a comprehensive emergency planning and communications platform that puts emergency response plans on mobile devices and desktops for immediate use when they are most needed. CrisisGo provides administrators and staff quick access to emergency response procedures and the ability to quickly report emergencies, call for help and stay connected during a crisis.

Remember after you get logged in to add your contact information to CrisisGo so other district users can connect with you. Use the related KB,  'CrisisGo Tips', for instructions. 

How do I access CrisisGo?

Staff with the following job classes will have access to CrisisGo automatically and can move forward with downloading and installing the CrisisGo app. Principals must submit a Service Request for Staff in other positions.

  • School Psychologist
  • Counselor
  • Nurse (Sub Nurse)
  • Admin Secretary
  • Admin Assistant
  • Principal
  • Safety Coordinator/Safety Officer
  • Supervisor
  • Superintendent
  • Directors
  • Program Administrator

Instructions for downloading the Mobile App and Desktop App and logging in are below. You can also use the full website to manage Threat Assessment cases.

Mobile App

   The Mobile App allows you to address threat assessment tasks away from your desk.

Desktop App

   The Desktop App makes data input easier.


   CG Users will have access to the CrisisGo Website to manage Threat Assessment cases.
   Note that there is no www or http:// on this URL

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