Journal Import Directions


Tyler Menu > Financials > General Ledger > Menu > Journal Entry/ History > Import Journal

Share Success > Budget Import Template

  • Used for larger Budget Transfers


  1. Open new Excel Workbook
    1. Set Up columns according to the Budget Import File Format below: This can also be found on Share Success > Budget Import Template
    3. Information needed:    
      Type Revenue or Expense- Object 010-250= R Object 300-599= E
      Amount to be adjusted ($)    
      Full Account    
      Use this Formula to create Debit or Credit Columns
        Expense Account =IF(Adjustment>0,”D”,”C”)
        Revenue Account =IF(Adjustment<0,”D”,”C”)
    4. See example below
  2. Format Column I
    1. Right click > Format Cells > Custom > 0000000000000 (13 zeros) > OK
    2. Make sure there are no formulas, that Column I has 13 zeros and NO negatives. When copying Columns E, F and G do not use fill down. Check to make sure there are D and C in column H. The Full Account has to have a (.) at the end. Make sure no rows or columns are highlighted and Save AS Formatted Text (Space delimited)
  3. Open MUNIS > Financials > General Ledger > Menu > Journal Entry/ History >
    1. Import Journals
  4. Fill out as follows:
    1. Execute the report NOW
    4. Click Browse and choose PRN File that was saved then Click OK
    5. Fiscal Year/ Period use current year and month
    6. Journal Reference 609
    7. Short Description (use a related reference to workbook pulling from)
    8. Effective Date (TODAY)
    9. Budget Amendment type:
      1. Type 1 for all one fund
      2. Type 7 if adding, reducing or changing overall amount
    10. Uncheck Display over budget warning
  5. Click Accept then Click Pre-Edit and wait
  6. The following screen will pop up- Click PDF and OK
  7. Check PDF and then Click OK
    1. If there are warnings or errors this same screen will pop up but the Report title will say
  8. Click Open
    1. A report will open up with errors to be fixed– fix anything that needs to be

After fixes are made OR if there are no ERRORS the bottom of the page will show Pre-Edit complete.


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