Managing Unwanted Email


If you have unwanted email in your Inbox, there are several different actions available depending on the type email and actions you’ve already taken. Read below to help decide the best course of action.  This doesn't work for email on a mobil device.

What to do if you’ve received a suspicious/unwanted email

  1. Have you clicked on any of the links in the email, or opened any attachments?
    1. YES – Contact the CallCenter at 761-HELP immediately.
    2. NO – Continue to the next question
  2. Take a look at the email. Is it a malicious email trying to get you to send information, money, or take immediate actions? Or is it marketing/advertising from a legitimate organization?
    1. MALICIOUS – Click on the “Phish Alert Button” . cid:image001.png@01D4BE34.4C1701A0The email will be deleted and a copy forward to IT for analysis. You most likely will not receive any additional communication regarding the email unless IT needs to gather more information.
    2. MARKETING – Continue to the next question
  3. Is this a marketing email that you have seen repeatedly?
    1. YES – You can choose to ignore or delete the email, or you can block the sender by managing your Barracuda allow/block list here.
    2. NO – You may want to just ignore/delete the email, but you can add it to your Barracuda block list using the link above if you wish.


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