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MSBSD is trying to do more meetings via Skype so that people can listen and participate from their own offices.  Please view the below information on how to create and administer a Skype Meeting.  ​​​​​

Note: MS Skype is transitioning to MS Teams. Please watch for more information about Teams.



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Create a Skype Meeting

How to Create a Skype Meeting and Invite Recipients

The following steps will walk you through creating a Skype meeting through your Outlook Calendar.

  1. Open Outlook, Open Calendar View Choose New Skype Meeting.
  2. Complete Title (Meeting Ttitle) , Required (Staff Names or Distribution Group) Set meeting times and Sent Meeting request.Create a New Skype Meeting

Join a Skype Meeting

How a Recipient Joins a Skype Meeting

The following steps explain how the recipient of the Skype Meeting will join in.

  1. End Users have three options to join a Skype meeting:
    • Option 1: In Outlook Calendar open the Skype meeting event, and click on the Join Skype Meeting link.Click Join Skype Meeting
    • Option 2: In Outlook Calendar open the Skype meeting event, and choose "Join Skype Meeting".Click Join Skype Meeting
    • Option 3: Open Skype for Business 2016 and click on the calendar icon to see your daily schedule. You will be able to click on Skype meeting links to open them.
      In Skype, click Meetings icon
  2. Choose the default option to experience both audio and video in your Skype meeting.
    Join Meeting audio pop-up

Computer Settings for a Skype Meeting

How To Set Up MSBSD Computers for Skype Meetings

The following information will walk MSBSD Staff through setting up the MSBSD computer for use as a meeting creator and/or creator.

Step 1: (‎2/‎21/‎2019 7:28:31 AM) Left click on "Start (button)"

Step 1 screenshot.Step 1 screenshot.

Step 2: (‎2/‎21/‎2019 7:28:32 AM) Type “Skype” on "Cortana (window)" to search for the application

Step 2 screenshot.Step 2 screenshot.

Step 3: (‎2/‎21/‎2019 7:28:35 AM) Left click on "Skype for Business 2016, Desktop app” to open it

Step 3 screenshot.Step 3 screenshot.

Step 4: (‎2/‎21/‎2019 7:28:38 AM) Left click on "Show Menu (the arrow next to the Cog/Wheel Button) to view options

Step 4 screenshot.Step 4 screenshot.

Step 5: (‎2/‎21/‎2019 7:28:40 AM) Left click "Tools"> “Audio Device Settings”

Step 5 screenshot.Step 5 screenshot.

Step 6: (‎2/‎21/‎2019 7:28:42 AM) Left click on the Device dropdown to choose an audio device 

Step 6 screenshot.Step 6 screenshot.

Step 7: (‎2/‎21/‎2019 7:28:44 AM) User left click on "Custom Device (list item)"

Step 7 screenshot.Step 7 screenshot.



Step 8: (‎2/‎21/‎2019 7:28:52 AM) User left click on "Speakers (Dell AC511 USB SoundBar) (list item)". Choose the device you want audio to stream through; it may be external speakers, headphones, soundbar, etc.

Step 11 screenshot.Step 8 screenshot.

Step 9: (‎2/‎21/‎2019 7:28:53 AM) User left click on "Play Speaker Volume (button)" in "Skype For Business 2016". You should be able to hear a tone and adjust your default volume using the slider.

Step 12 screenshot.Step 9 screenshot.


Step 10: (‎2/‎21/‎2019 7:28:56 AM) Left click on "Microphone dropdown and choose your desired microphone.

Step 14 screenshot.Step 10 screenshot.

Step 11: (‎2/‎21/‎2019 7:28:58 AM) User left click on "Audio device (group)" in "Skype For Business 2016"

Step 15 screenshot.Step 11 screenshot.

Step 12: (‎2/‎21/‎2019 7:29:03 AM) User left click on "Play Ringer Volume (button)" in "Skype For Business 2016"

Step 16 screenshot.Step 12 screenshot.

Step 13: (‎2/‎21/‎2019 7:29:05 AM) User left click on "OK (button)" in "Skype For Business 2016"

Step 17 screenshot.Step 13 screenshot.



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