Accessing Software Center/ Installing Windows & Microsoft Office 365


  • How to get to the software center to access updates for Windows and Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)



  1. OneDrive Login - Check that you are logged in and syncing to Microsoft OneDrive. IF NOT see KB Article# 77185
  2. Software Center - Open windows start menu (between CTRL & ALT) and type software center. 
  3. Click program or hit ENTER to open. You should now be in the APPLICATIONS tab and see all software that you are able to install according to your user login group. 
  4.  Select OPERATING SYSTEMS from the left-hand index then locate the icon for Win 10 1909 Update and click the icon. (NOTE - this update will also update to Office 365 if it isn't already installed.)
  5.  Select INSTALL and click the button. 
  6. Confirm upgrade and that you have 1hour or more that you will not need to access your computer and several restarts will be required. Click INSTALL 
  7.  Installation Progress will appear and show basic progress but will restart at points in the installation. (It may appear to be stuck but just give it time to complete) 
  8.  Your computer will restart (You may not get a warning, so it may be best to not be editing anything or working on the computer)


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