Upgrading to Windows 10 21H2


  • This article will provide the steps to upgrade your computer to the latest version of Windows 10
  • Please ensure you won’t need your computer for 1-2 hours before starting this process. If you are on a laptop, please plug in the power cord for this upgrade.


  • This upgrade is optional at this time.
  • This upgrade will become mandatory the morning of Friday, April 29, 2022.



  1. Open Software Center- Open the Windows Start menu and type ‘software center’, click on the Software Center program that is found 
  2. Click on ‘Operating Systems’ on the left hand side of the Software Center window that opens, then click on ‘Windows 10 20H2 Feature Update' 
  3. Click ‘Install’ on the next screen 
  4. Read the Upgrade notice carefully - If you are ready to perform the upgrade, click ‘Install’ 
  5. You can continue working while the upgrade performs the first part of process – eventually it will warn that it needs to reboot the computer, if you don’t notice the warning it will reboot anyways. It’s safest to not have any unsaved work open until the process completes. 
  6. The upgrade will require multiple reboots, these will happen with or without you monitoring the process. The process is complete when your computer returns to a standard Windows login screen.


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