Workflows Inter-Library Loan


Loaning items between schools within the Workflows System


  1. Owning library -- Check outitem(s) to borrowing library (ILL user.)
    1. Each library in the system has a delivered ILL user (ie. MSBSD-CMSILL, MSBSD-WMSILL, MSBSD-PPEILL etc. don’t miss the dash, or it won’t work)
    2. Using the CHECKOUT wizard, type in the LIBRARY ILL USER MSBSD-XXXILL to open the ILL patron for that school. (XXX is the school three letter district code.)
    3. Checkout the item(s)
    4. Send the item(s) in in-district mail, or other delivery method.
  2. Borrowing library -- Checkout the item(s) to user
    1. Before checking out use the RECEIVE ITEM TRANSIT wizard to receive each item. (The screen then says item is checked out to ILL)
    2. NEXT checkout item(s) to user(s). (students etc.)
      1. This actually means that the item is checked out twice, once to ILL and then to the user at the same time.
    3. Before checking out use the RECEIVE IT
  3. Borrowing library -- Returning the item(s)
    1. BEFORE returning the item check it in (discharge) TWICE
      1. The first scan to discharge checks the item in for the patron (student, etc).
      2. The second scan to discharge checks the item in for the ILL account.
    2. Now you should get a pop-up INTRANSIT NOTICE to send the item back to owning library. (NOTE: if it is not checked in twice the item will want to go back in transit to the borrowing library every time it is scanned because it is checked out to the other library ILL)
    3. Send back to owning library.
  4. Owning Library –
    1. It is a good idea to discharge items again when they are received to be sure that they were all discharged correctly at the borrowing library. Easy to miss one or two items.
    2. If you find an item still checked out to ILL email the item barcode number to the borrowing library and ask them to Discharge the item.


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