ESY (Extended School Year)


This Article contains process information and form completion requirements for students who will attend an Extended School Year (ESY) session for Special Education Services.


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ESY Time Line

Time Line Requirements

The following time line must be met for students to attend an ESY session.

  • March 31, 2020 Deadline for all annual reviews OR amendments to be conducted and finalized to document ESY eligibility for summer 2020.
    • SSS will require
      • ESY area in the IEP as well as the goal/objectives identified in the finalized IEP in SE.
      • Transportation request for ESY completed by the teacher.
        • Reference FY20 ESY Transportation Request
      • FY20 ESY Eligibility form completed and finalized in SE
      • Parent has been provided instructions to complete Online Registration for ESY.
        • SSS will ask case manager to remind parent to register if we do not see a completed registration change.
  • April - SSS will determine number of students to attend ESY and create staffing and class lists.
  • May - SSS will send current case manager letters to be sent home with students who will be attending ESY.
  • May – Case managers will be responsible for gathering documented special equipment for their current students to use at ESY.
    • ESY Equipment Process to be sent out at a later date.

ESY Process for Case Managers

Case Managers ESY Process

Case Managers will complete the following process for students who will receive services during ESY.

  1. Discuss with related service providers as appropriate and school psychologist, the students that are being considered as eligible for ESY.
    1. This discussion would be best prior to the annual review or IEP amendment for ESY so the ESY area of the IEP can be filled in appropriately.
    2. Related Service providers determine students that are eligible for ESY in their area of specialty.
  2. Case manager will complete the ESY section of the IEP in preparation for the annual review or amendment meeting to reflect justification, documentation of data, areas eligible and service minutes.
    IEP - ESY Eligibility section
  3. Goals/objectives for ESY
    1. Be sure to choose 1 goal and at least 1 objective for each area of ESY eligibility.
    2. For example, if a student is eligible for speech, 1 speech goal and at least 1 corresponding objective should be selected for ESY.
      IEP - Goals, applies to ESY checkbox
  4. Document that the student is eligible for ESY in the written notice for the meeting. If parent is not interested in accessing ESY services, please note so in the “Other factors relevant” section of the Written Notice.
    1. If student is eligible but will not be attending, please email your SSS Record Tech that the student is eligible but will not be attending.
  5. Reminder: Even if the student will not be attending due to family vacation, other summer plans, parent declines, etc. it is still our responsibility to accurately document that they are or are not eligible.
  6. Registration: At the meeting with the parent, provide them with the attached instructions on how to enroll their student for ESY.
    1. They will do this in their ParentVUE account.
    2. Consider having a laptop available or direct them to the front office to complete this registration at the end of the meeting.
  7. Transportation: At the meeting confirm with the parent if the student will be accessing transportation or if parent will transport.
    1. Confirm what address we will pick up and drop off from for ESY.
    2. Complete a new Transportation Request that is specific to ESY for students that will be accessing transportation for ESY.
      1. See FY20 ESY Transportation Request, for instructions on how to complete a transportation request for ESY
  8. ESY Eligibility Form: Complete the ESY Eligibility found in Misc Docs.
    1. This is an internal form to collect information for the ESY case manager and ESY organization staff.
    2. The Case Manager will complete both tabs with information from related service providers as appropriate.
    3. School Psychologist should review the form and input date, name and credentials to approve ESY eligibility.
    4. Case Manager will print the form for related service provider(s) and school psychologist to sign.
    5. Record Specialist will upload signed ESY Eligibility form to attachments in ESY Eligibility Tab and send original paper to SSS Record Technician.
    6. This document is finalized as all other documents in the process.
    7. See FY20 ESY Eligibility Form, for instructions on how to complete this form.

How to Complete ESY Eligibility Form

Completing the ESY Eligibility Form

The ESY Eligibility form must be completed before parents can register for ESY.

  1. Create ESY Eligibility form located in Misc Documents
    1. You can get there on the SE Student screen
      SE Student Misc Documents
    2. OR
    3. In the Portfolio view
      SE Portfolio screen
  2. Enter the date that the team determined eligibility.
    1. Complete the remaining fields on the Cover Tab
      ESY Document
  3. Complete the fields on the Needs Tab
    ESY Form - Needs tab
  4. Print preview this form to obtain signatures from related service providers as appropriate and school psychologist.
    ESY Print Preview
  5. Record Specialist will upload the signed ESY eligibility in Attachments within the ESY form.
    ESY - signed form attachment
  6. Finalize the ESY Eligibility form.

How to Complete ESY Transportation Request

Requesting Transportation for ESY

The following process must be completed by Case Managers to submit a Transportation Request for ESY.

  1. Click the PAD Tree.
    1. Select Synergy SIS
    2. Select Student
    3. Select Student Transportation
      Synergy Pad Tree - Transportation
  2. Check that your focus is at location where the student is currently enrolled.
    Synergy Focus
  3. Search Student name or student ID.
    Synergy Transportation Search
  4. Click the add button next to the Open Transportation Requests.
    Transportation - Add request
  5. Open Date, insert today’s date, the school the student will be transported to and from is ESY, and the appropriate school year which is 2019-2020 Summer. Click Save
    Transportation add request required fields
  6. Select green arrow in the Show Details box, transportation form will open.
    Transportation request - show details
  7. Complete the form. All fields are required unless otherwise noted.
    Teacher Transportation Form required fields - 1

    Teacher Transportation for required fields - 2

    Teacher Transportation form required fields - 3
  8. Once form is complete click save at the top of the form.
    Transportation Save
  9. Hover over menu, then click Edit Student Transportation Entry Data
    Transportation form > Menu > Edit Student Transportation Entry Data
  10. To complete this form, click Teacher and Save
    Save Transportation Request
  11. Form will now go transportation to be routed.


Eligibility Information

The following are reminders about student eligibility for ESY.

  1. ESY eligibility can be based on one of three areas (found on pages 34-35 of the special ed process manual)
    1. Progress on Critical Skills (limited)
      1. Review baseline for each goal
      2. Review progress notes from previous year’s IEP to determine gain.
        1. Unsatisfactory or limited gains, is an indicator that ESY may be required.
        2. Satisfactory progress or goals being met indicates FAPE and meaningful educational benefit has been successfully provided and ESY is not required.
    2. Regression/Recoupment
      1. Determine areas of educational need for which the student did not make sufficient progress during the prior year and then identify goals for ESY eligibility review
        1. Review data required for regression/recoupment
          1. Data indicating student’s level of functioning immediately prior to break
          2. Data regarding the student’s level of functioning at the conclusion of the break (no regression = no eligibility for ESY)
          3. Data at the end of a reasonable period of time for recoupment (if a student has not relearned the skill by the end of a reasonable recoupment period that he/she possessed at the beginning of the break, that student should be considered for ESY for that skill)
        2. Reasonable recoupment periods
          1. Summer break = 6-9 weeks
          2. Winder break = 5-7 days
          3. Spring break = 2-3 days
        3. Sources of data for regression/recoupment
          1. Progress monitoring, including behavioral
          2. IEP progress notes
          3. Benchmark assessments (MAP or AIMS Web spring and fall)
    3. Self-sufficiency - generally applies to students with functional and adaptive needs that interfere with the development of independence at level similar to typically developing peers
      1. Does the data demonstrate that ESY services are necessary to prevent the loss of skills necessary to independently function and reduce the dependency on care givers?
      2. This includes students with scores on the ESER in functional communication, functional academics and other adaptive areas that present two standard deviations below the mean.
  2. Initial IEP’s are not eligible for ESY services at the date of the initial IEP as there is not data to support eligibility.
    1. Students that are a minimum of a quarter into their initial IEP, can be considered for ESY.
      1. Please follow the above outlined eligibility.
  3. Reminder of required documentation
    1. IEP documented ESY eligibility at annual review or amendment
    2. ESY Eligibility internal form completed and finalized
    3. ESY Transportation completed in SE
    4. Provide parent with ParentVUE registration for ESY, follow up if requested from SSS.
  4. Please double check with your related service providers and psychologist that everyone is in agreement on what areas a student is qualifying for ESY.
    1. The areas documented here in the IEP,
      IEP Section 9
    2. Should match who has signed here on the ESY Eligibility doc
      ESY Form

ParentVUE Registration for ESY

Parent Online Registration Information

The following information will allow you to walk a parent through registering their student for ESY in ParentVUE. 
for Parents with student eligible for special education summer school

  1. Log in to your ParentVUE account
  2. Select the student that you are registering for ESY
    ParentVUE select student
  3. Choose ‘Student Info’ from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click ‘Edit Information’
    ParentVUE Edit Student Info
  5. You will be directed to a page where you can make changes to your child’s registration. Scroll to the bottom of this page.
    ParentVUE Student Info - Scroll down
  6. Check the box if your student will attend ESY, transportation for ESY and provide any other information you feel is needed.
    ParentVUE Student Info - add SSS ESY information and Save
  7. Logout of your ParentVUE account


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