504 Synergy Instructions

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This Article contains information regarding Section 504 processes in Synergy.


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Show Pad tree navigation to find a student w/504 Plan via Portfolio and SE Student

  1. Portfolio-Counselor access to 504 Plans assigned to them at their site
    1. This is where you create a plan: ADD SIS
    2. Show documents folder and historical docs icon
  2. SE Student-Counselor view of all students at their site with 504 Plans and IEPs
    1. Explain 504 Docs and Historical docs
    2. I will click around in these two tabs to show the where to find review dates, system lists the needed process docs, uploaded current 504 Plan and the uploaded docs brought over from i-Plan

Section 504 Processes

Time Line Requirements

The following time line must be met for students to attend an ESY session.

Completing Section 504 Documents

Case Managers ESY Process

Case Managers will complete the following process for students who will receive services during ESY.

Miscellaneous Documents

Completing the ESY Eligibility Form

The ESY Eligibility form must be completed before parents can register for ESY.

  1. Create ESY Eligibility form located in Misc Documents

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