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Munis > Departmental Functions > Budget Transfers and Amendments
  • Transfer whole dollars only.
  • Use CAPITAL letters.
  • Increase or decrease as many lines as you want in one budget transfer; please verify that the Increases and Decreases balance out.


  1. Open Budget Transfers and Amendments. Click ADD.

    Budget Transfers and Amendments: Add button

  2. Verify that the Fiscal Year and Period match the fiscal year and period in which you are doing the transfer. Update if necessary.
    1. Period 1 is July, 2 is August, 3 is September, and so on.. 
  3. In Journal Reference 1, enter your 3-digit location code.
  4. In Journal Reference 2, enter your initials and Employee ID.
    1. All entries need to be in CAPITALS
  5. Enter a Short Description
    1. No spaces
  6. Verify Budget Year Code and Amendment Type are both “1.”
  7. Verify Budget Projection Inclusion is “One Time.”
    1. Example below 
  8. Click ACCEPT
    1. This action will move Munis to the Budget Amendment Detail Lines page. 
  9. In Line 1: (If you do not have the following options: right click on one of the titles (T, Account Number, Comment, etc.) and check selection.
    1. T: E for Expense. Tab  
    2. Project String: (If this field is not applicable to Line 1 it can be left blank.) Enter part of the Project String and click on the 3 dots to the right of that cell.
      1. Select the correct Project String from the new window and click Accept.
        1. This should load the entire string including the Project Description in the next cell. Tab
      2. If you are unsure of the Project String, click the three dots. A list should appear on a new screen. This screen can be filtered or sorted. Find the string needed, highlight it, and click Accept
  10. Verify that the second “T” (Type) column has an E (for expense) in it. Tab.
  11. Enter the first account code for the transfer in the Account Number field. The Project String may auto fill all or some of this account number. Verify it is complete and correct.  You may also click the three dots at the right of this cell for account code options. Select the correct account code and click Accept. Tab.
  12. Enter a comment, this needs to be in CAPITALS and explains WHY the transfer is necessary. Note in example below comment can be changed per line if applicable. Tab.
  13. Tab over Ref 1 and Eff Date Columns. These should autofill with information from the previous screen (location code and date).
  14. In “I/D” (Increase/Decrease), indicate an increase or decrease to the account.
  15. Enter the amount of money to transfer in that specific account code. Do not enter negative numbers, Decreases will automatically be calculated as a negative.  Tab.
  16. Repeat step 9-15 for subsequent lines. Project String, Project Description, and Account Number fields will autofill from the above line, these will need to be changed. Comment field can be changed if applicable. Both T (Types), Ref 1 and Eff Date should not be changed.  
  17. After entering all account codes, comments, and amounts, the Increase and Decrease at the bottom of the screen should be equal.
    1. If the Increase and Decrease do not equal a pop-up box state that the Journal entry is out of balance by fund. This would need to be correct to release the entry. If not corrected another pop-up box will ask if you wish to make corrections before exiting. Corrections can be made by clicking Update  
  18. Click ACCEPT to save. Click BACK to return to the Journal Details screen. 
  19. On the Journal Details Screen, the Amendment status will update to “Held.”  
  20. Click the Attach icon and attach all supporting documents (PDF format).  
  21. Click RELEASE. 
  22. The Amendment Status will change to Pending approval or approved depending on workflow and other criteria. 
  23. Once the Amendment status is Approved, click OUTPUT-POST. A pop-up will ask what you would like to Output-Post. Select the Current Journal Only. 
  24. Click ACCEPT. 
  25. Choose to SAVE the Journal to the MUNIS Spool Directory, using the following format: DDMMYYShortDescription. Example: 02190219TEST. Save as type: PDF. Click OK. 
  26. A window will pop up that says, “No errors detected. Post Journal?” Click Yes. 
  27. Another window will pop up that says, “Journal(s) updated.” Click OK .




  28. If you forget to Output Post a Budget Transfer, find it by selecting the Browse Icon and browsing your own journals.  If one has not been Output Posted, you can then do so.
  29. If you finish the line details and return to the main Budget Transfer Screen, but remember there are changes needed on the lines, select “Lines” from the left-hand navigation bar.  When you get to the Detail Lines screen, select the Update Icon to make any changes. 
  31. If you accept and save the budget transfer too soon, select the Update Icon to make any changes. 

If you have further issues not identified above then click the Request Service button below to work with a technician. Choose "MUNIS" in the Other Software dropdown.

Request Service: Other Software Issues



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