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  • MUNIS > Tyler Menu > Departmental Functions > Account Inquiry
  • Account Inquiry allows you to view individual accounts and verify the expenses that have been paid from each account. “Drill down” into the yellow folders to see detail about Purchase Orders, Expense Claims, P-Card Transactions, etc.


  1. Open Account Inquiry (Tyler Menu > Departmental Functions > Account Inquiry)

    Open Account Inquiry

  2. Click Segment Find

    Click Segment Find

  3. Enter the account code criteria for which you want to search. Tip: Type “E” in Account Type and “A” in Account Status to view Expense Accounts that are Active.

    Account Search

  4. Click ACCEPT.

    Accept changes

  5. If prompted, click “Yes, Continue” to load the records or “No” to begin a different segment find.

    Select Yes, Continue to load the search results, or No to cancel

  6. The accounts will load.

    Search Results populate

  7. NOTES:
    1. The Account Code is indicated at the top of the screen, with a description of the account right below it.
    2. The four columns of data represent the current fiscal year and three years historical. Be sure to look at the column headers to verify the fiscal year.
    3. “Drill down” by clicking on the yellow folders next to the data you want to review. For example, click on the yellow folder next to “Actual (Memo)” for FY19 to see what was spent from that account.
    4. Use the blue arrows at the bottom to click between account codes.


  1. Click BROWSE (located at the top of the screen) to see all the account codes in a list.


  2. Click TOTALS in the Icon Toolbar. If you pull in your Discretionary Budget, clicking TOTALS shows you the sum of those accounts. This allows you to easily compare totals across Fiscal Years.


    Totals Screen (use the “Exit Totals” Icon to exit):

    Exit Totals

  3. Use the EXCEL Icon to export your active records to Excel.


    Select the columns to export. Click ACCEPT.

    Select columns to export and Accept


If you have further issues not identified above then click the Request Service button below to work with a technician. Choose "MUNIS" in the Other Software dropdown.

Request Service: Other Software Issues



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