Drilling into Account Details



  • MUNIS > Tyler Menu > Departmental Functions > Account Inquiry
  • “Drilling Down” into specific accounts via Account Inquiry allows users to view detailed information about encumbrances, expenditures, etc.


  1. Access an account in Account Inquiry using the SEARCH Icon or Segment Find.

    MUNIS Account Inquiry

  2. Click the yellow folder next to “Actual (Memo)” in the correct fiscal year column. Click the yellow folder next to any line that displays one – Transfers In / Out, Encumbrances, Requisitions, etc. – to view information specific to that line.

    Select the folder icon to view more information specific to that line item.

  3. A list of transactions will load. Each column header is sortable by clicking on it.

    Account Detail, note: each column header is sortable.

  4. Locate the transaction you’d like to view. Click on it to highlight it in blue.

    Account Detail: click on the transaction you'd like to view, to highlight it.

  5. Click DETAIL in the top right-hand corner.

    Account Detail: Click Detail button in top right corner after selecting the transaction

  6. Details about this transaction will load for you to view.

    Transaction details open in the MUNIS Invoice Data screen

  7. Click BACK to close the screen and view your transaction listing again.

    Click BACK to exit the Invoice Data and return to the transactions list

  8. Click BACK to close the screen and view the main Account Inquiry screen.

    Click BACK to return to Account Inquiry


If you have further issues not identified above then click the Request Service button below to work with a technician. Choose "MUNIS" in the Other Software dropdown.

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