Software Purchase Request


To ensure security and privacy of district data, prior to demo, trial or purchase of any subscription or software, approval must be received.  This service request will start this review and approval process.

Note:  Any contracts or agreement must be signed by Business Services.  It is strongly recommended to not engage in any sales discussion and commitment to agreements or pricing prior to the approval process.  This could potentially restrict getting the best price possible.

Features and Benefits:

Allows entering a Software Service Request.

Authorized Users:

Requests for purchase of new subscriptions or software should be done by the School/Department Administrator or designee.

Request Approval Process:

  • This request must be submitted if you feel you have a need for additional subscriptions or software not currently provided. 
  • Requests submitted with incomplete information will delay the decision-making process. 
  • Upon receiving the information, IT Supervisors will review, and collaborate with the Ed Techs and the Office of Teaching and Learning. 

More detail is appreciated and allows for faster resolution.

User Responsibilities:

  1. Issue Description: Give a short and clear summary of your request. This will be the title of your request and emails. (Note: You can provide a detailed description in the provided section.)
  2. Detailed Request: Provide a thorough description of your request and the software/subscription you are requesting. Include:
    • Name and Version: Tell us the software/subscription name and version.
    • Purpose: Explain if it's for teaching, administration, etc.,
    • Instruction: Identify if this is for supplemental or core instruction.
    • Similar Software: Tell us if it's comparable to any software already in use
    • Who Will Use It: Identify the use of the software, clarifying if it will be used, by one teacher, a classroom, grade level, school, or district wide.
    • Account/User Management: Identify who will manage the software and how user management will be done. (Are there Single Sign ON (SSO) Options.
    • Device Requirements: Describe any device needs/requirements
    • Funding Source: Identify how this will be funded for purchase.
  3. Cost Info:
    • Software Cost: Tell us the expected costs for the software/subscription.
    • Annual Fees: Describe the fees including, onetime and yearly.
    • Product Demo: Tell us if you've seen a demo.
    • Sales Contact: Share the Sales Rep's name, phone, and email.
    • Website: Provide the URL
  4. Supporting Docs: If you have any extra documents, attach them.
More detail is better than less and it will help the review and approval process.

Requirements and Prerequisites:

  • Before proceeding with a demo, trial or purchase (agreements or quotes), approval of this request is required.
  • If a purchase is approved, process via a Purchase Order to ensure proper documentation is stored for agreements security related information.
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