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In an effort to provide equitable and reliable technology across MSBSD, standard equipment is necessary.  These standards are considered when designing, implementing and supporting Technology throughout MSBSD.  From our core network infrastructure to the end-user devices that are in classrooms and offices throughout the district, adherence to these technology standards is essential.

  • Information on MSBSD Printer, Accessory & Device Standards, as well as how to get a quote, can be found here.
  • To request quotes for IT Hardware, please view the information below and then select this service request.  It is important to include as much information as possible on your request. 
  • District standard items must be purchased through established vendors to ensure compatibility with district systems. Items purchased through other vendors, websites, or stores may not meet district standards. If you have questions regarding purchasing through another source, please include that in the detail of the request.


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Apple Device

Cart (Chromebook/Laptop)

Device Case

Classroom Display (Touch)

Classroom Display (Non-Touch)

Signage Display


AdminVUE Mini Bluetooth Printer

KioskVUE Stand Set-up

SchoolPay Payment Kiosk Set-up

Network Drop

Telephone (Device and Accessories)

Radios Handheld

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