Payroll History Transfer and Account Adjustments Request

Request Process:

Select “Request Service” to the right and complete all fill-able fields.  Initiator must then go into the "TDNext" side and assign the ticket to themselves.  When completed they must close out the ticket. 

Payroll Adjustments:

Payroll History Transfer Requests and Future Payroll Account Adjustments Requests

  1. Payroll History Transfer Request
    1. The History Transfer Request option changes the expenditure account codes used to pay earnings in a prior payroll period.   You may request the account transfer for a single earnings history record or, a date range, or for all fiscal year history records for the selected employee.  This form option is routed to Accounting Department to adjust account codes used for prior payroll periods.
  2. Payroll Account Adjustment Request
    1. The purpose of the this option is to adjust future wage and related benefits account codes.  The Payroll Account Adjustment Request changes the expenditure account codes used to pay earnings for future periods.  This form option is routed to Budget and the HR Department to adjust expenditure account codes that will be used in future payroll periods for a specific employee.


Request Service


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