Column Move/Credit Count Request


This form is required when requesting a change in contract salary on the basis of additional credits earned OR when requesting that HR provide a course unit report (credit count).

For the column move to include all days in your contract, your Column Move Request AND Official Transcripts must be received no later than September 30th in order for your column move to be effective for the entire year.

Requests and transcripts received after September 30th but prior to February 1st will result in column movement beginning on the January 15th payroll and will be effective for the entire second semester. Any requests submitted after February 1st would be for the following school year.

Transcripts for salary advancement should be sent electronically to Human Resources at

NOTE: Courses that can be used for salary advancement must be upper division from an accredited college and within your endorsement area, education related or related directly to what you are currently teaching.


Features and Benefits:

This will direct your request to the correct location for quicker assistance.

Authorized Users:

MSEA Employees

Request Process:

  1. For Column Move Requests, order Official Transcripts showing completed course credits.
  2. Select Request Service from the menu on the right
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Your TeamDynamix notification serves as your time/date stamped confirmation that the form has been submitted to HR; however, your request is not complete until all required documents are received by HR.
More detail is appreciated and allows for faster resolution.
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