Warehouse Move


Please use this page to request a Warehouse Move of the following items: 
  • Riser Transfer - Riser moves need to be coordinated with both schools prior to submitting movement request. It is the school’s responsibility to have risers staged at the receiving area for pick-up. All riser requests need to be submitted 10-14 days prior to movement date request. The sending school must enter the workorder to have them moved to the borrowing school, the borrowing school must enter the workorder to have them returned to the lending school. This is to ensure that the lending school is aware of the loaning out of their risers.
  • Furniture/Freight Transfer
  • Surplus Freight
  • Surplus Sports Equipment
  • Sports Equipment Transfer
  • Boxes of Shred - All boxes of shred will need to be cleaned of all metal items, this includes paper clips, binder clips, hanging file folders, two-hole legal metal clip binders, CD’s, district badges, any spiral bound items. The district shredder is FOR CONFIDENTIAL PAPER ONLY, so no books, binding or trash of any kind can be in the boxes. A picture of the contents inside the shred boxes will be required to show that the steps above have been taken.  Any boxes found not to be “cleaned” will be returned so the required steps can be taken. Again, the district shedder is intended for CONFIDENTIAL paper only and not recycling paper.

Authorized Users:

School/Department Admin Secretary at sending school only. 

Request Process:

  • Select Request Service from the menu on the right.
  • Fill out the form with as much information as you can provide.
  • Your request will be picked up by a Specialist and you will be contacted via a Team Dynamix email. 
  • If a move is to go from one school to another please make sure to coordinate with other school before entering request
More detail is appreciated and allows for faster resolution.

User Responsibilities:

  • Provide a "Detailed Description" of the issue for the Service Ticket request.
More detail is better than less. For example, if the issue ONLY happens when a specific action is performed this would allow for faster and better troubleshooting.

Requirements and Prerequisites:

  • A  photo of the item that needs to be moved and where it is located is required for all items, please have the picture saved on your computer to upload.
  • Please see current Freight Schedule attached
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