Outlook Adding Additional Mailbox in Client/Web


Administrators (usually the Admin Secretary & Principal) can grant permission to allow other MSBSD staff to view / read / manage their Outlook Exchange mailbox. Access depends on the level of permissions you assign. The staff member being assigned the rights cannot view the mailbox until the rights have been assigned. The Administrator may need to add the mailbox to their Outlook (using the "Adding the Mailbox instructions below) before they can assign rights.

This KB Article is split into three parts:

  • Granting Permissions (done by mailbox owner) NOTE: two layers to grant permissions , Mailbox name and Inbox
  • Adding the Mailbox to your Outlook Client (done by other staff member)
  • Adding the Mailbox to your Outlook Web Client


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Granting Permission

Adding the Mailbox to Outlook Client

Adding the Mailbox to Outlook Web Client


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