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This Article contains information used to log in to the MiCollab Client to use the softphone, and logging in to the Ignite Web Client.



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Log in to MiCollab Softphone

Logging in to MiCollab & Hot-Desk In to Phone

  1. When working Off-Site you must connect Global Protect VPN (Virtual Private Network) to fw.matsuk12.us
    Note: Connecting to VPN will not work if you are on the 8021X_MSBSD or MSBSD_Guest Wireless network.
    Connected to VPN - Global Protect
  2. Once VPN is connected, then open the MiCollab Client from the desktop.
    MiCollab Client 7.3 Desktop Icon
    1. If you have never logged in before, the username is your initials + 0 + Employee Number (Example: ab012345) and the same password you use to sign in to the computer.
    2. It is recommended to check "Remember Me" and "Log me in automatically"
      Mitel MiCollab Client Login
  3. Once logged in, softphone should automatically Activate (this takes a minute).
    1. If is does not Activate, you must Activate it by selecting "Active Calls" from the right hand menu, then Right click on softphone and select Activate.
      MiCollab Client Active Calls - Activate softphone
  4. After softphone is Active you must Hot-Desk In to the Desk Phone. You will need to know the Softphone extension to do so.
    1. Simply Right click on Desk Phone and choose Hot-Desk In
      MiCollab Client Hot-Desk in to Desk Phone
    2. In the pop-up dialogue enter the softphone extension as the "Base DN", leave the PIN blank, and click the Hot-desk in button.  If you can't get in at this step, try to deactivate in the previous step and re-activate again. 
      Hot-Desk In enter Extension & PIN
  5. Proceed to Log in to Ignite Wed Portal instructions.

MiCollab Configuration - Audio settings

Changing the Audio Configuration in MiCollab

The audio for your phone calls will be through your computer automatically. If you would like to use a headset with a microphone for your calls, follow the steps below.

  1. In the MiCollab client, click on your name and then select "Configuration"
    MiCollab Client - select Configuration
  2. In the Configuration dialogue box, select Softphone Settings on the left, to see the devices the softphone will use.
    1. These are originally set to system default, meaning that your audio for the ringer (alerts) and the phone call (speaker) will sound out of the computer's speakers.
      MiCollab Client softphone settings
    2. Your computer also has a built in microphone that it will use for calls if this is not configured differently.
  3. This can be set up for your personal preference. I set this area up to use my headphones for the Speaker (to hear the caller's voice) and the microphone, while I use my computer's audio device for the Alerts (ringer). This way, I can hear a call coming in, even if I'm not wearing my headset at the time.
  4. Once you have made the changes you believe you would like, click Apply. 
    1. You can confirm the Alert is playing where you want it to come from, by clicking the "Play" button in the Ringtone section.
      MiCollab Configuration audio test

Log in to Ignite Web Portal

Logging in to Ignite

  1. Access the web portal to log in. Ignite Web Client
  2. On the log in screen, enter your username in the format of an email address, the password is the same as your computer log in. Example: ab012345@ad.matsuk12.us
    Ignite Web Portal - Log In
  3. Once logged in, click on your name on the top right corner to change your State (or Status).
    Ignite Web Client - Change your State
    1. The users State should always be available, unless stepping away from the phone. Changing your State to "Make Busy" will allow you to select form a list of Make Busy codes to use when you cannot receive calls for any period of time.
      Ignite Web Client - Make Busy codes
  4. When only one person is available to receive phone calls (all staff are Make Busy), the phone call will wait in the queue until it is answered. It is recommended that if there will be a meeting, or only one staff is logged in and needs to make busy, that the State is changed to "Offline" instead of using a make busy code. All staff being in the Offline state will allow for unanswered calls to be sent to the voice mail box, rather than experiencing abnormally long wait times.
    Ignite Web Client - Change State to Offline

Ignite Dashboard (desktop) Set-up

Setting up the Desktop in Ignite

When you log in to Ignite, you are brought straight to the Dashboard. 
Using the "Desktop" or "Dashboard" in Ignite can help you to see if there are calls waiting to be taken and if other users are signed in. This can help you determine if you will need to "Make Busy" when stepping away, or go in to "Offline" mode. 

  1.  On the Ignite Landing page (or if you select "dashboard" on the left) you can edit your dashboard with the Pencil icon on the top right.
    1. This gives you the options to add widgets to and reorganize the widgets on your dashboard. 
      Ignite Dashboard click edit
  2. To change the name of your Desktop, and select a Layout, click Options on the top right.
    These are your personal preferences, no specific layout or name is required.
    Ignite Dashboard Edit mode - options

    Ignite Dashboard options - Change Title & Select Layout
  3. Click "Add Widget" to find the widget you want to add.
    1. Helpful widgets are "Agent State" and "Queue Now"
      Ignite Add Widget

      Add widget to Ignite Desktop
  4. Once added you can move the widget to reorganize it's location by clicking on the four-headed arrow and dragging the widget around on the dashboard.
    Move widget
  5. Once you have added the widget, you can add the data in the widget that you want to see, by selecting the "cog" or "gear" icon on the top right of the widget.
    Ignite Widget settings gear
    1. For example, Add the "Queue Now" widget, it comes in blank. Click the cog to see which queue's you have available to add. Select the Queue, for it to display within the Widget.
      Add Queue now counselor queue

      Counselor Queue added
    2. Additionally, after adding the "Agent State" widget, click the cog and you will see multiple Agents that you can add to the widget. Select all of the agents that you want to display in the Widget.
      Agent State - add multiple agents

      Agent State - multiple agents added
      1. You could select one Agent to display in this widget, and then add an additional "Agent State" widget, and select other agents in this widget. For example, maybe you want to display just your Agent State in one widget, and then have everyone else in your queue, to display in a second widget. Or, maybe you want to group your Agents by School Type, or some other identifying factor.
        Ignite Dashboard Widgets - multiple Agent State widgets
  6. Remember to SAVE the dashoboard you have just created, to see these changes the next time you log in.
    Ignite Dashboard click Save
    1. You can edit your dashboard again later, any time you need, by clicking the edit button on the top right.
    2. You can create multiple dashboards as well, just make sure to be on the dashboard you intended to create.

Answering, Transferring, and Making calls

Answering Calls

  1. When a call comes in, you will see a pop-up on your screen (usually in the bottom right corner) with the caller information, an option to answer, and an option to forward the call.
    MiCollab client - Answer Call
  2. After clicking Answer, you will see a larger and more detailed call box open, with call information, and audio options.
    You can place the call on Hold, as well as Transfer or End the call.
    There is an option to 'Mute your Microphone' and to control the volume level of the call. At the top is also a dial pad.

Transferring Calls

  1. Once on a phone call, click the Transfer icon.
    Transfer call icon
  2. The Transfer / Conference dialogue box opens. Enter the 7-digit phone number, or 6-digit extension.
    Transfer / Conference call Dialogue Box
  3. To complete a cold-transfer, just click Transfer.
    1. Click Consult if you would like to speak to the person whom you are transferring the call to, before completing the transfer. 
      After speaking with the person either select Transfer to finalize the transfer, or click the merge call button to turn the call into a conference (3-way) call.

Making Calls

In the MiCollab Client enter the 7-digit phone number in the "Make a Call" text field, then press enter on your keyboard or click the "Call" button.

MiCollab Client - Make a Call

Troubleshooting Tips

Difficulties with Hot-Desk In

  1. Hot-Desk in says failed

If this did not solve your problem, click the Request Service button below to work with a technician.

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