Software Center over the internet instructions


Your computer can receive applications and software updates over the internet (while away from the District network) provided it has received certain information recently.

This guide will show you how to:

  1. Check if your computer is ready to receive District software over the internet
  2. Remediate your computer if it is not ready

Check if your computer is ready to Receive District software over the internet

  1. Open your Control Panel. Click on the Windows menu in the lower left corner and start typing ‘Control Panel’   
  2. Once Control Panel is opened, you can search in the top-right corner of the window for ‘Configuration Manager’ and open it  
  3. In the Configuration Manager window that opens,
    1. General tab: The Client certificate should say ‘PKI’
    2. Network tab: you should see an address starting with ‘CMGSCCMMSBSD.MATSUK12.US’ in the Internet-based management point field.
  4. If you see both settings present then your computer should be able to receive software updates and install applications from Software Center while it is away from the District Network.  

Remediate your computer if it is not ready

If you performed the steps in the first section and your information did not match, you’ll need to bring your computer into the District network for a short time to get it up to date.

  1. Bring the computer into range of the District’s WiFi signal. In most locations, this can be accomplished while staying in your vehicle by parking close to the building. You may need to try different locations around the building to find good signal. This can be any District building, it doesn’t have to be the school you’re assigned to.
    If your computer isn’t a laptop, or you aren’t able to connect from outside the building, you’ll need to bring the device inside. Please follow the building access procedures established by your school’s administrators.
  2. Once connected to the District WiFi, power the device on. Wait 5-10 minutes and restart the device.
  3. Once you’ve restarted the device, log in and perform the verification steps in the first section to see if your computer has the updated information.
    1. If the device is up to date, you can shut it down and return home – your computer can get software and updates from home now.
    2. If the device didn’t pick up the new information, you can try waiting a little longer and restarting again if you wish, or you can contact your IT representative for assistance.

NOTE: If you are needing the call center software, please install GlobalProtect VPN and MiCollab Client

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