Synergy Discipline Guide and Milestone XProtect QuickGuide are attached at the bottom right. 'See More' sections below show district specific information.


  • Use the 'Incidents' screen when entering an incident. 
  • Use the 'Student Incident' screen when you are focusing on a specific student and want to see all discipline info attached to that student.
  • Fields that are bold and in red is state reporting data. They are not necessarily mandatory.
  • Camera Footage Guidelines and Instructions below.
Note: This KB is a work in process and will be updated, so check back often.


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Student Discipline Overview

   Incidents are a combination of Incident, Participants, Violations & Dispositions.

Student Incident Screen

   Use the Student Incident Screen to view discipline information attached to a specific student.

Incidents Screen

   Use the Incidents Screen to enter incidents.

Modifying Disposition Type or Days

   Instructions to modify the type OR length of a dispostion.

Modifying/Deleting Incident Modules

   Feel free to contact the CallCenter to assist.

Student Support Services information

   Incidents involving students served by Student Support Services may require additional data entry.

Camera Footage


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