YTD Budget Report - Non Personnel Directions


MUNIS > Departmental Functions > YTD Budget Report

  • Report options save after they have been configured. The reports options shown in this document display budget amounts for any funds, locations, functions, etc.
  • The first time you open YTD Budget Report Options, you must choose a Format Type on the Print Options Tab (select “Standard Format”) and Multiyear View on the Additional Options Tab (select “Default View”).


  1. Open YTD Budget Report (Tyler Menu > Departmental Functions > YTD Budget Report). Click SEARCH.
    1 MUNIS YTD Budget Report click search
  2. In “ROLLUP CODE,” type your three-digit location and “D” (ex: 009D). Choose “ACCOUNT TYPE”: Expense; choose “ACCOUNT STATUS”: Active.
    2 MUNIS YTD Budget Report Account Rollup
  3. Click ACCEPT. The number of active accounts found will load at the bottom of the screen.
    3 MUNIS YTD Budget Report click Accept 
  4. In the “MENU” section on the Icon Toolbar, click REPORT OPTIONS.
    MUNIS YTD Budget Report click Report Options
  5. Verify that the YEAR/PERIOD is set to the current Fiscal Year and 99 and that Report Sequence options are correct (suggested options displayed below)
    1. This report will pull up all active accounts within the search criteria that have funds in them.
    2. To ensure that the correct information is requested, click Report Options each time a report is run. 

  6. Click ACCEPT to save your changes. Click BACK to close the window.
    6 MUNIS YTD Budget Report Options click Accept then click Back       If you need to make an adjustment to your report options, you can click Define here and update before clicking Back.
  7. Click the format for displaying the YTD. Most common is PDF, however Excel and Word are other options. Wait for the report to generate.
    MUNIS YTD Budget Report click PDF
  8. If the report does not pop up in a separate window, at the bottom of your screen a box will appear (depending on browser may look different than one pictured below). Click carrot to open. 
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