EWS - Early Warning System


  • Synergy Early Warning System -EWS
  1. Navigate to MTSS EWS screen in Synergy
  2. Click on Risk, this will take a while to load information, if a blue line appears, click anywhere on the screen 
  3. You will see a listing of your Students/Status
    • Columns for Excused Absences and Unexcused Absences, with Unexcused being weighted. 20 points (last 30 days)
    • Columns for Discipline Minor and Discipline Major, with Majors being weighted. 90 points (last 30 days)
    • Columns for Period 1-6 grades, which are updated nightly. 80 points (Current Grade Book grade)
  4. You can click the Red box at the top to view only the at risk students, as well as the Yellow box for those students approaching the at risk status. 
  5. You can also use the filter Icon at the top of each column to narrow your search results. 
  6. You can also select the three dots at the end of the table to export all of the data to excel to manipulate the data as you need. 



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Frequently asked questions

Q:  How often is EWS updated

A: Right now it is updated at 6:30-8:00am, in the morning every school day. 





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