Gravity Charter and Grant Budgets


  • This document outlines the Budget Development Process for charters, and grant funds.
  • Please follow the directions below to complete and submit your budget.
  •  Contact the Budget (charters) or Federal Programs (Grants) department if you have any questions or have problems with this process. It is our goal to assist as needed.

NOTE: If you have question please contact the Budget Department at (907) 746-9248, (907) 746-9201, or email for help.


Budget Submission Guidelines

In order to include your Budget in the MUNIS database, you must meet the following requirements:

Opening Gravity

It is highly recommended that this is done on monitor screens rather than a laptop to allow for a larger visual field. 

Budget Allotments - HR Template

Additional Staffing (Stipends, Substitutes, Honorariums, & Additional Days)

Modifying the View of Financial Templates

Entering Budgets Amounts – Financial Templates

Submitting the Budget

Video and Helpful Notes

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