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You can now create a digital Hall Pass in Synergy, StudentVUE web, TeacherVUE web, and on the StudentVUE, TeacherVUE, and AdminVUE mobile applications.


  • Hall Pass requires students to be in an active class at the time of requesting. Hall Passes cannot be requested outside school / bell times or during passing time.
  • To request a Hall Pass, a student must have a sufficient number of remaining minutes in the current period based on the pass and School Room settings.
  • Future Hall Pass cannot be created using StudentVUE web. It is only available using the StudentVUE mobile app at this time.
  • Push Notifications are sent to a student when a Hall Pass is approved
  • When the maximum number of active hall passes to a room has been reached, students go into a Hall Pass queue.
    • Students are notified they have been added to the queue when they submit their hall pass request. A window displays informing them they are in line and to please wait.
    • See the Setup Hall Pass is School Room section below in Admin Settings for information on setting maximum pass numbers

Create a Hall Pass - TeacherVUE Web

Create a Hall Pass - TeacherVUE Mobile

Request a Hall Pass - StudentVUE Web

Request a Hall Pass - StudentVUE Mobile

Hall Pass Admin - Web

Hall Pass Admin - Mobile

Admin Settings

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