Account Detail History Report


Tyler Menu>Financials>General Ledger Menu>Journal Entry/History>Account Detail History Report
  • Report options save after they have been configured. The report options shown in this document display budget amounts for General Funds, Non-Personnel.
  • The first time you open Account Detail History Report Options, you must choose a Format Type on the Print Options Tab (select “Standard Format”) and a Multiyear View on the Additional Options Tab (select “default View”).
  • This report is only available for what MUNIS considers the Current Year (CY) and prior years. If Account Inquiry is showing data in the Next Year (NY) column, this report cannot pull that information. Please reference the Drilling Into Account Inquiry Knowledge Base article to pull the details for that year until after the year end close process has been completed, which generally happens in November/December.


  1. Open Account Detail History Report (Tyler Menu>Financials>General Ledger Menu>Journal Entry/History>Account Detail History Report). Click SEGMENT DEFINE.
  2. Fund 100 (or any other specific fund e.g. 273 Title I, 300 Literacy & Development, 286 Migrant Ed: Book Program, 395 Renewal & Replacement, 500 CIP. To look at all Funds for your location leave blank). Enter Location 3-diget number, if wanting a specific Program enter it (four digets), or leave blank to pull all programs, Type enter 1, Project enter 00000 (5 zero’s), Account Type E (Expense). Click ACCEPT
    1. If a field is left blank, MUNIS will pull in All funded accounts, within the other specifications.
    2. If you would like to look at more than one search criteria, e.g. Fund, Program, or Type, use the “|” (Bar Key) to separate each selection (See Example)
    3. If you would like to exclude an option (pull everything but Salaries & Benefits – Type 2) use “!=” and the segment number you would like excluded, (e.g.  Type !=2)  This can only be used once per segment.
  3. REPORT OPTIONS are on the bottom half of the original screen and should now be active for updating. To ensure that the correct information is requested review each time a report is run.
    1. Year and Period range can only be used for what the system considers the Current and Prior Years (suggested options displayed below). This report cannot pull data from Next Year, so it will not pull data prior to the Year End Close Process (generally July through November).
  4. Click ACCEPT If you need to make an adjustment to your report options, you will need to do a new Segment Define
  5. Click the format for displaying the Detail Report. Most common is PDF, however Excel is another option. Wait for the report to generate.
  6. If the report does not pop up in a separate window, at the top of right of your screen the download button ( ) will flash (depending on browser may look different than one pictured below). Click the button and select your file to open.
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