PaperCut: Executive Summary Report


This article covers:
  • Executive Summary Report
  • More in-depth reporting information

Executive Summary Report

The purpose of the Executive Summary Report, is to provide the top 10 Users, Printers, and Printer Groups, as well as the overall statistics for a given cross section.

The report is scheduled to be released on the 1st day of the month. This schedule can be adjusted at the request of the recipient.

  • General Statistics
    • This will show the Days, User, number of Printers, Printed Pages, Printed Sheets, Total Jobs processed, Average Pages, and Sheets per day.
      • Pages: the number printed sides of a sheet.
      • Sheets: the physical pieces of paper used.
  • Color Composition
    • Number of Pages in Grayscale vs Color
  • Duplex Composition
    • One-sided vs Two-sided.
  • Job Type Composition
    • Print vs Copy vs Scan vs Fax
  • Top Printers, Top Users
    • The percentage of overall use.
      • Printers with “device” proceeding the name as shown below, is the Copy/Fax/Scan device.

  • Printers with the File & Print server name proceeding the name as shown below, is only the printing information.
  • The users containing “svc_pcut_xxx” is the “anonymous” user.  (i.e. svc_pcut_bte). This will be present in sites that have chosen to have users not log in to the copier.
  • Environmental Impact
    • Trees Consumed, CO2 Produced, Equivalent Bulb Hours
      • These are default values from PaperCut.


More in-depth reporting

More in-depth reporting is available from PaperCut. If you would like to run additional reports, please contact Call Center by Service request ticket to assist for the initial setup.

 Available reports -


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