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NovoDS device is used for Internal Digital Signage at each school. These instructions are for using the NovoDS Studio Software. Additional Resources: Note: This is not the same as the NovoPro that is in some classrooms

Understanding the NovoDS Studio Terms

  • NovoDS is the hardware that connects to the interior signage display.
  • NovoDS Studio is the free software used to create and manage: DS Playlists, DS Schedules, and DS Devices.
  • DS Playlist is a specific signage layout with one or more regions to display.
  • DS Schedules are when you’re using the time of day to rotate with two or more DS playlists that are on a specific interior signage display.
  • DS Device is a single network connected hardware device that is attached to an interior signage display.

Ground rules, for team success

  • The software title is “NovoDS Studio”, and it will not play PowerPoint presentations. Convert your existing PowerPoint file by "Save As" new file type MP4.
  • It does have multiple options for other various media file types.
  • All local media files for the school’s interior signage DS Playlist must be stored in a designated shared network storage location.
  • NOTE: This cannot be on a staff user’s local desktop or home folder.
  • Place all files in the root directory. When using the NovoDS Studio software, and creating a Playlist, a subfolder with the playlist name will create a copy of the media files from the root folder into the playlist folder.
  • The root directory is L:\class_projects\XXX_interior_signage\ (where XXX is the three-letter school abbreviation). Once you have files in that directory you can use the file path dropdown to select a file.

Using the NovoDS Studio Software

  1. The first step is planning a layout with however many number of regions you have determined is needed. You can create a custom layout, or you can select from many templated layouts.
  2. Each region will have a unique file type link. Examples: media, image (or logo), web page, YouTube, scrolling text, static text, weather feed, twitter feed, RSS feed etc.
  3. After the layout is decided, save it as a unique playlist name and begin to link each region to a unique file type, as listed above.
    NOTE: Save each region before moving to the next.
  4. You can design multiple playlists and manually select each, when needing to change your signage. You can create a single playlist with timed rotational website pages as well.
  5. Also, you have the optional ability to create a “DS Schedule” to rotate multiple playlists at a specific time of day.​​​​​​​
    NOTE: We have encountered challenges in management of the Playlist Schedules and editing mid-day. You may have to remove the playlist and re-add it and/or edit the starting time. Simply because playlists will not go backwards in time of day, but forward times are allowed.

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