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  • MUNIS Self Service > Employee Self Service > Expense Claims
  • Upon return from the out of district travel, complete an Expense Claim indicating any costs accrued that you paid out of pocket. This Expense Claim will not include expenses purchased with a PO or P-Card, nor any costs (such as meals) included in the conference.
  • Important - You must add  an Absence Management (formerly Aesop)# or comment and save for later, before entering other expenses to ensure the claim saves.  
  • Note: We are working with the company on a fix for these issues.


  1. Open MUNIS Self Service and sign in with your Active Directory information.
  2. Click “Expense Reports” in the right-hand menu.

  3. To add a new claim, click Add Claim or Add a New Claim.

  4. From the “Claim Details” screen that loads, fill out the following information:
    1. Claim Type: Choose “TRAVEL OUT OF DISTRICT”
    2. Department: Choose the school / department you work at
    3. Description: Enter the name of the conference
    4. Event: If your event name listed in the menu, select it. Otherwise, skip this field.
    5. Start Date: Enter the date you left for the conference.
    6. End Date: Enter the date you returned from the conference.
    7. Click “Continue.”

  5. The “Expenses and Receipts” screen loads. You MUST add Other Expense - Absence Management (formerly Aesop)# If you don't have a # entered a comment and  Save for Later. 
  6. This will take you back to the Expense Report screen, now you should have an ID number for this claim. Click on it and open up the Claim Details. Click Update at the bottom and continue entering information. 
  7. Unit expenses: mileage, baggage, hotel, car rental, etc. 
    1. Information entered on the “Claim Details” screen displays at the top. Click “Edit Details” to update this if necessary.
    2. Expand and edit each section as needed, you must start with the Other expenses section:
      1. Per diem expenses: meals not included in the price of the conference
      2. Attach documents: Submit receipts to your site / department Admin Secretary.
    3. When finished entering expenses,  Save, open claim.
  8. Review, Save, or cancel your claim:
    1. Select “Review” to review your claim. On the next page, select “Submit Claim.”
    2. If you are not done and will add to your claim later, select “Save For Later.” You can review and Submit when you are ready to submit.
    3. If you wish to cancel your claim, select “Cancel.”

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