Omni 403B TSA contributions


Follow these instructions to Set up a 403B TSA online through The Omni Group, after you have set up an account with one of our 403B providers.


  1. Go to OMNI’s Website and select the purple button labeled “Participants”

  2. Next, in the lower left-hand corner in the blue box select the Employer’s State:

  3. On the same page, in the lower left-hand corner begin entering the Employer Name. Note that when you begin typing the name, a dropdown box will appear where you can select the correct name.

  4. You have now reached the Organization Page where you will find the following information:


    1. Participating Service Providers – This section identifies those service providers that employees are allowed to make contributions to.
    2. Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) – This section is where employees can submit or print an SRA form to start, stop or make a change to their contribution.
    3. Service Provider Transactions – This section is where you will find the forms needed to initiate a transaction such as a distribution or loan.
    4. Choose the correct tab (403b or 457b) for your investment account. 
  5. For the online payroll deduction setup process Select Salary Reduction Agreement-Online

  6. Step 1: Fill in the form with your information be sure to double check the Employer State and Employer Name

  7. To Submit information re-enter Social Security # and select Continue.

  8. Step 2: Confirm all Entries, then re-enter Social Security # and select Continue.

  9. Step 3: Submission Confirmation, print out this page and keep for your records. Part 3 of the submission page will have a tracking ID

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