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SEARCH in MUNIS is helpful for finding account codes, POs, requisitions, vendors, employees, expense claims, etc. MUNIS Wildcards are listed at the bottom of this document to help in successful searching.


  1. Open the program in which you want to find records and click SEARCH.

  2. In some programs, a SEARCH screen loads. Enter SEARCH criteria. You can search in more than one field at a time.

  3. Click ACCEPT.

  4. The results load. The total number of results displays at the bottom of the screen.

  5. To view the results:
    1. Use the black arrows at the bottom of the screen to move from record to record.

    2. Click BROWSE to see a list of all the results then select the one you want to view.

    3. Click EXCEL to Export the results to Excel.

    4. Click PDF to send the list to a PDF report.

MUNIS Wild Cards:

  1. * (asterisk) –all records with that character(s)
    1. A* – records that start with an A
    2. *9 – records that end with a 9
    3. *MA* – records that have “MA” in them somewhere.
  2. : (colon) – a range of records
    1. A:C – all records between the letter A and the letter C
    2. 1:5 – all records between 1 and 5
  3. != (exclamation point & equals sign) – records that do not equal something
    1. !=100 – all records that do not equal 100
    2. !=PALMER – all records that do not equal Palmer
  4. > (greater than) – records greater than something
    1. >99645 – records with zip codes greater than 99645
    2. >SMITH – records with names that come after SMITH in the alphabet
  5. < (less than) – records less than something
    1. <140000 – records less than 140000
    2. <WY – records with states that came before WYOMING alphabetically
  6. | (bar) – records with this value OR that value
    1. PALMER|WASILLA – records that have Palmer OR Wasilla as their city
    2. 606|506 – records with departments 606 OR 506 

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