MUNIS Tyler Content Manager (TCM)


  • TCM is used to attach receipts, quotes, and other documentation to records in MUNIS, such as Requisitions, Expense Claims, etc.
  • Some files will not display in TCM, but will “launch” in an External Viewer.


  1. Open the program and specific record to which you want to attach documents. Use the SEARCH Icon to look for the specific record.
  2. Click the ATTACH Icon.

  3. Select the correct document type from the options in the list. Some programs have multiple mappings. Choose the best match for the document you are adding. Click ACCEPT to open that mapping.

  4. TCM will open. Click “NEW” to add a new document.

  5. Select IMPORT to upload a file from your computer or SCAN to upload directly from the HP ScanJet Professional 3000.

  6. The file will upload to TCM. Depending on the file type, it may not display until you click SAVE or may need to be opened in another program (such as Adobe).

  7. Click SAVE. You may then view the file or be prompted to open it in another program.

  8. Click CLOSE VIEWER to return to the main MUNIS program screen.

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