Campus User - Entering Part-Time Employees into Substitute Position


Follow these instructions to add Part-time Employees into Sub Positions around their regular position.  Don't forget to subtract 30 minutes for lunch either before or after their normal scheduled time to prevent overpayment


  1. Sign in to Absence Management using the ID and PIN provided by the Mat-Su Borough School District.
  2. From your Aesop homepage, click in the Quick Actions search bar and type in the confirmation number for the absence that you created for the employee or teacher. You can also select the unfilled absence from the list on your home page.

  3. Once the absence confirmation page loads for the absent employee, you can see their scheduled absence time. How would you enter a part-time employee in for this absence? Example, a teacher is taking a half day for a doctor’s appointment from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. Let’s say a sub cannot be found on short notice because the absence was created that day, so a School Monitor will be covering theTeacher’s position after her scheduled School Monitor position from 2:15 -4:30pm. You would change the sub’s report time to a custom time, as seen below, so that the School Monitor hours do not overlap the Teacher’s scheduled hours.

  4. Another absence that is tricky to enter, but frequently occurs is when an employee is absent for a full day and the part-time employee, for example a school monitor, works the full day around their scheduled hours.
    1. To enter the school monitor for this position, you would enter two half day absences for the absent employee by selecting “+ Add New Variation” and change the sub report time for both absences, so that the school monitor that is filling in for these absences does not sub during their paid work time and receive double pay. See the example:


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